Rebuild from devastation.

This is probably the hardest post we've ever had to write.

To all of our amazing supporters, volunteers and to everyone who has gotten behind the Brisbane Period Project. We desperately need your help.

We were absolutely devastated to find out today that all of our stock in storage for BPP has been ruined. We legally can't go into what has happened as it was a deliberate act, but everything we had is no longer usable and we desperately need more stock.

We are beyond devastated. The hour's and hours people have put into buying delivering and donating the sanitary products. The hours our team has spent answering messages, connecting with and thanking the amazing people who have donated, meeting, planning, packing, and the time, space, love and hours our incredible drop-off volunteers have given to make this all happen has all been destroyed.

On June 28 we have the Brisbane Homeless Connect event with Micah Project's, and we have promised over 700 much needed Period Packs to be given out on that day to people experiencing homelessness.

That can't happen now unless we have your help to help us recover. We need to restock and we need to do it fast.
**We desperately need**
Super pads
Regular pads
Super tampons
Regular tampons
Panty liners
Baby wipes
Nappy disposal bags

We'll have some locations up soon as to where they can be dropped off but if you have a spare $2-5, please consider grabbing something off the list and donating it. If you have a business we can use as a temporary drop off point please contact us. Our team spends hours driving around to collect stock and now that it's all ruined, we just don't have time to run around and collect everything before the event.

We are absolutely desperate to keep our amazing Period Project going because we know just how crucial it is to have menstrual support to women and Transmen experiencing homelessness.

As much as our hearts are broken over what has happened, we know we'll get through this. And with your help, we'll come back bigger and better than ever.
Please share this post and tag anyone you think might be able to assist. More than ever, we need the community to come together and help us to continue doing the vital work we do.

Thank you, Brisbane. We truly love and appreciate your support.
The Brisbane Period Project team ♥

Edited due to requests. If anyone would like to donate financially our bank runs through our Melbourne Period Project office.
Details are below. Please use BRIS as the reference and please email if you'd like a receipt.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Thank you all so very much.

Melbourne Period Project
BSB: 063014
ACC: 10549900
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

We've also created a Go Fund Me Page if anyone would like to donate via there. $5 is what it costs for us to make and deliver one Period Pack to a person experiencing homelessness.